SuperPay makes it Possible!

With SuperPay multi-functional digital wallet all your banking and payment transactions are at your fingertips whenever you want!

Peer to Peer money transfer

By joining the advantageous world of Superpay, it is possible to perform all your money transfer 24/7 and instantly!

What are the benefits of SuperPay peer to peer money transfer?
  • - Easy to transfer money using mobile phone number or QR Code
  • - Real time money transfer.
  • - Money transfer to your family and friends bank account or wallet at any time.

Easy Peasy Payment With SuperPay

Forgetting wallet and lacking cash problems are over with SuperPay. Leave your wallet at home and go shopping without any concern. Superpay digital wallet and QR code make a payment fast and safe. Payment system with QR code scan is a unique and useful method of payment for both Merchants and customers.  Take your phone and go shopping and have fun.

What are the benefits of SuperPay QR payment? 
  • - Fast and easy 
  • - Contactless 
  • - No need to use cash